behavior management

Classroom Management Problems?

We have the solution!

We’ll give you the classroom management strategies needed to solve your problems.

  • Time Saving


Starting is quick and easy.  Register as a school, district or even as an individual teacher.


Ease of Use

The software is intuitive so learning and training time will be saved.

Record Incidents

Quickly record incidents on any device.  Access them from anywhere.

  • Communication


Receive alerts by text, email and within the program.  Choose the incidents you wish to be notified for (e.g. by student, behavior, grade, etc.).


Staff Conversation

Behavior problems can be difficult to solve for one person.  Discussion among staff is facilitated with the software.  Conversations lead to solutions.

Home Contact

Gain support from the home by getting the parents or guardians involved.  The program may be used to facilitate and document home contact.

  • Organization


Organize your data into charts and reports for a student, school or district.  Analyse your data for behavior patterns.


Attach any document or picture to a student or incident file.



Make a quick note of anything and post it to the file.

  • Data

Negative Behaviors

Keep track of negative behaviors such as bullying, fighting, insubordination etc.

Positive Behaviors

Track and encourage positive behaviour like respect, kindness, encouragement etc.


Custom Data

Customize the data you track by adding to the lists or by completely making your own list.

These classroom management ideas are a great start!  However, if you really wish to improve your classroom or school then you’ll need to do a little something more …

Make a Plan

Having a plan is key to reducing behavior problems.  We can help you with that plan.