Behavior Plan

Design & Build


We have all the tools

you need!

Our behavior plan model is an organized way of responding to student behavior. The response comes in the form of step-by-step actions designed to encourage positive change.

You may have one plan or many.  Each plan will have its own focus:

  • school management plan
  • classroom management plan
  • student management plan
  • behavior management plan (e.g. bullying)

These different behavior plans make it possible to customize and design plans from a school-wide level all the way down to individual students and behaviors.

With this kind of flexibility, you will be able to focus on where the behavior plans are most needed.

Where do I begin?

3 Typical Starting Situations

Want a Plan

Design a behavior plan for any situation:  school-wide, classroom, individual student or behavior all can be chosen.  Implement, fine-tune your plan and watch your behavior improve!

Have a Plan

Already have a behavior plan?  Our program is flexible enough to adapt to any plan.  Customize the program to fit your needs!

No Plan Needed

Maybe a plan isn’t wanted at this point?  No problem!  We’ll help keep you organized by recording any incidents and staff responses.