• About Us

Education Data System (EDS) was created by a teacher as a practical way to make school a better place of learning, for students and staff.

Experienced teacher turned full-time IT guy, Gerry opened his own IT company after years of programming Version 1 for the use of his own school district. Word of mouth spread and soon it was utilized throughout Western and Northern Canada.

Gerry then decided to take it to the next level and employed a team of highly skilled programmers to develop the most intuitive, positive results driven, school software product on the market. Our easy-to-learn software enables you to quickly take care of behavior problems so everyone can enjoy learning!

Gerry designed EDS to transform his class and school. Whether you are a teacher, a school, or a district, EDS will enable you to use your own data to effect positive change.

Your data is both private and secure. If you are a large country, it is likely we have a server located there to host your data. Please reach out if you would like more information.